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Do you have what it takes? Do you work better with friends? Join our three-month challenge today. Set and meet your goals with your peers cheering you on. We offer custom meal plans, custom fitness plans, and community forums to encourage, challenge, and grow together. 




Where are you located?

Cuero TX 77954 off of 87 S. Look for a warehouse behind Symank energy.

What if I don’t know anything about weightlifting?

Totally fine! You show up and we will have a coach leading each class. They will assist you, even modifying movements depending on your needs.

Do I have to be fit to come?

Absolutely not. There are always modifications available for progression!

Will joining the gym help me lose weight?

Joining will definitely help you to become more fit and able. Although true fitness includes nutrition ... Don’t worry, though, nutrition coaching is available as well.

What do I wear to classes?

It is air-conditioned in the gym so that means you can keep your clothes on. Typical workout clothes are the most comfortable. We are a community fitness facility, which means people from many different walks of life are here! Please keep your shirts on and your booty shorts at home. wink

Do I have to RSVP for a class?

Yes, please. This ensures that we have equipment for all our members in each class. If you don’t, we might not have equipment available for you to use and you will have to wait until the next class!

Can I try a class out for free?

Absolutely. We will just need you to RSVP for a class and sign a liability waiver. Then you can go ahead and get sweating with us! After your trial class, you can join with a few pieces of paperwork.

Are there family rates available?

Yes, this is a family-owned business. We understand the importance of getting an entire family fit, so we will discount each additional person you have in your family added to your membership. Please contact Coach Crow for your discount code. 

What ages can work out at your gym?

While this is a family-focused business, we don’t currently have classes available for kids. However, depending on maturity and experience level, we can make exceptions for teenagers. 

I am in the Military - is your gym a place I can go to train for my PT test?

Yes, we are! We have all the equipment needed for you to keep your skills up for your next PT test.

Do you have childcare available?

Call me! Let’s talk about your situation via phone.

Can I take a shower there?

Nope. But I hear that adult wet wipes are helpful to feel fresh.wink

How long are classes?

Usually 1 hour - when we have special classes or community workouts that last longer we will let you know.

I have a ton of allergies can you still make a meal plan for me?

This is what we love about nutrition. You can still make your goals even with some aversions and allergies. Just let your coach know and they will work hard to set you up for success! Although, if you just don’t like veggies... we may need to discuss that! HA. We always like to say, “We can give you what you want, it may just not be AS MUCH as you would like.”

What gender are your coaches?

Coaches for the fitness classes are the owners, Chance and Shara.

Nutrition coaches are Shara and Joshua. If you have a preference regarding gender for nutritional coaching, please feel free to let us know. 

Can I hire you for one on one sessions?

No, we only offer group fitness classes. Nutrition coaching is one on one.


I started gaining weight as soon as I got out of school and started working. Just 4 years later I entered my first pregnancy 30 pounds overweight (at 160lbs) and delivered our son at 201lbs. I wasn’t happy about gaining weight but I didn’t know how to stop it. It just kept creeping up, 4-5lb a year (and then the pregnancy)! Thankfully, the Lord blessed me with gestational diabetes. I learned what I was doing that was causing me to gain weight.

Fast forward 20 years, and I’ve been able to keep my weight around 130lb for many years by walking and keeping my calories low. BUT I still had a thick layer of pudge around my middle. The doc would always say I was in a healthy zone, but I could see that “pillow” of fat strapped around my belly.

Enter 14degrees. Shara and Chance have taught me how to eat and work out in a way that burns fat and builds muscle. I’ve actually gained 10lb of muscle, but look like I’ve lost 20lb, and I can eat so much more. I love it! It really makes a difference to attack the problem scientifically. It’s really blessing me in all areas of my life. It’s easy to get up off the floor now. I can carry a big package of water bottles, no problem. And that big pillow of fat is almost gone!

Bethany Noel

After a long day at work, I came home to eat my usual egg sandwich and decided I had enough. I was tired of being sick tired of fighting with food and tired of not have the energy to make it through the day. So I messaged Shara. My health journey has always been a battle and while everyone around me craved to be skinny I just wanted to gain a few pounds and stop dropping pounds at even the thought of working out. I simply wanted to eat again without fearing and fearing getting sick. After explaining my goals to Shara, she was able to coach me through the right meal and workout plans designed specifically for me and my goals.

Shara coaches with grace. She is always cheering you on and never makes you feel like a failure when you sway off the road. Her plans not only help you achieve your short-term goals but guide you on how to make your own meal and workout plans when you are ready to fly on your own.

I was skeptical at the beginning about whether or not I would ever stop fearing food, but Shara made the process easy and I couldn’t be happier with the results and growth.

Dani Penn